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5TEN Pearls Nicotine Salt Liquid 10ml - 20mg

5TEN Pearls Nicotine Salt Liquid 10ml - 20mg

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Discover "Pearls" from 5 Ten's nicotine salt range, a liquid that offers the perfect balance between sweet grapes and blackcurrants. Immerse yourself in the sun-ripened grapes with their seductive sweetness and refreshing juiciness, accompanied by a subtle bitter note of the seeds. The blackcurrants bring an interesting mix of sweet, mildly sour and slightly tart notes to this high-quality nicotine salt liquid.

The combination of these two fruits creates a refreshing taste experience that delights with every vaping session. "Pearls" is a true pearl of good taste and will certainly convince lovers of fruity liquids.

Why nicotine salt? NicSalt / Nicotine Salt provides a smoother and milder vaping experience compared to traditional nicotine solutions. Thanks to its special formulation, the nicotine is absorbed more slowly and easily by the body, resulting in a milder throat hit. These liquids are ideal for vapers who need a higher dose of nicotine without experiencing unpleasant irritation.

Immerse yourself in the world of “Pearls” and enjoy the refreshing taste of grapes and currants in a high-quality nicotine salt liquid. Experience the perfect mix of sweet, sour and bitter with every puff of your e-cigarette.

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