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5TEN Spring Nicotine Salt Liquid 10ml - 20mg

5TEN Spring Nicotine Salt Liquid 10ml - 20mg

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Immerse yourself in the refreshing taste of the "Spring" nicotine salt liquid from 5 Ten and let yourself be enveloped by fruity spring feelings! This liquid was created by the aroma specialists at 5 Ten, who already make steamers' hearts beat faster with their popular 510 Cloudpark Longfills.

- Juicy watermelon: The intensely sweet watermelon enchants your taste buds and puts you in a pure summer mood.
- Invigorating limes: Fresh limes with their characteristic acidity provide an invigorating refreshment and perfect the taste experience.
- Summery balance: The harmonious ratio of sweet watermelon and sour lime notes makes the "Spring" liquid a fruity highlight that puts you in the perfect summer mood.

Why nicotine salt? Nicotine salt, also called NicSalt, offers a smoother and milder vaping experience compared to traditional nicotine solutions. The special formulation means that the nicotine is absorbed more slowly and easily by the body, allowing for a milder throat hit. Ideal for vapers with higher nicotine needs, such as those switching from tobacco cigarettes to e-cigarettes or users of pod systems.

Experience a fruity taste explosion with the “Spring” nicotine salt liquid from 5 Ten and enjoy summer at any time of the year!

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