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Elfbar ELFA CP basic device

Elfbar ELFA CP basic device

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Immerse yourself in the world of vaping with the Elfbar ELFA CP basic device! 🌬️ This innovative device offers a unique vaping experience for both experienced Elfbar fans and newcomers:

- Experience the freedom of vaping with the latest generation rechargeable system and interchangeable pods that allow for a variety of flavors.
- The modern design in a pen-style look gives the Elfbar ELFA CP base device an elegant touch and ensures stylish vaping pleasure.
- With its handy size and light weight, the device fits perfectly in the hand and offers comfortable handling, ideal for everyday use.
- The integrated 500 mAh battery guarantees reliable endurance, while the practical USB Type-C port enables quick recharging.
- Pass-through capability allows you to vape even while charging for uninterrupted enjoyment.
- The 360° LED at the bottom shows you the operating status and charge level at all times so that you are always informed.
- Thanks to the easy handling without complicated settings and the integrated automatic draw, you can vape comfortably without having to press a fire button.
- The 3-pull on/off switch allows the system to be completely deactivated when not in use.

The Elfbar ELFA CP is the perfect choice for MTL vapers, switchers and beginners who are looking for an intense and flavorful vaping experience. Get your Elfbar ELFA CP basic device now and immerse yourself in a world full of taste and enjoyment! 🌟

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