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Pod Salt

POD SALT Ice Menthol Nicotine Salt Liquid 10 ml

POD SALT Ice Menthol Nicotine Salt Liquid 10 ml

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Nicotine strength

Experience the ultimate freshness with Pod Salt Ice Menthol Nicotine Salt Liquid 10 ml! This e-liquid offers an icy refreshment like no other. The clear and pure taste of menthols is enhanced by an intense cooling effect that creates a frosty and deeply felt throat hit with every hit.

The icy breeze of this liquid cools you internally as you inhale and leaves a wonderfully fresh taste in your mouth as you exhale. Ice Menthol from Pod Salt does not contain any additional flavors such as fruit or tobacco and therefore offers a pure and intense vaping experience.

The special thing about this liquid is the NicSalt / nicotine salt it contains. Nicotine in bound form allows for slower and easier absorption by the body compared to traditional nicotine solutions. Despite the high nicotine concentration, nicotine salt is tasteless, gentler and provides a milder throat hit, ensuring pleasant vaping.

Nicotine salt liquids like this were specially developed to be able to absorb high doses of nicotine even with low liquid consumption. Ideal for vapers with a higher nicotine requirement, such as those switching from conventional cigarettes to e-cigarettes or users of pod systems. With Pod Salt Ice Menthol you can enjoy the nicotine without unpleasant irritation of the mucous membranes and respiratory tract.

Immerse yourself in the refreshing world of Pod Salt Ice Menthol and experience the pure enjoyment of icy menthol aroma with a touch of coolness!

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