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Pod Salt

POD SALT Mixed Berries Ice Nicotine Salt Liquid 10ml

POD SALT Mixed Berries Ice Nicotine Salt Liquid 10ml

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Nicotine strength

Enjoy the refreshing taste of Pod Salt's Mixed Berries Ice nicotine salt liquid! Immerse yourself in a fruity symphony of sun-ripened strawberries, sweet raspberries and slightly tart blueberries that will pamper your taste buds. This liquid is a perfect choice for hot days, as it provides a pleasant refreshment with an icy cooling effect on the finish.

Why nicotine salt? Nicotine salt, also called NicSalt, offers a gentle yet effective nicotine intake. Unlike traditional nicotine solutions, nicotine salt is absorbed more slowly and easily by the body, resulting in a milder throat hit. This makes it ideal for vapers with higher nicotine needs, such as those switching from traditional cigarettes to e-cigarettes or users of pod systems. Nicotine salt liquids make it possible to absorb high doses of nicotine without causing unpleasant irritation.

Discover the world of nicotine salt vaping with the Mixed Berries Ice Liquid from Pod Salt and enjoy a rich taste explosion paired with pleasant freshness - ideal for all lovers of fruity flavors!

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