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Revoltage Beam Pod Red Pineapple (2 per pack)

Revoltage Beam Pod Red Pineapple (2 per pack)

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Immerse yourself in the exciting world of Revoltage Beam Pods and experience a first-class vaping experience! 🌬️

- **Revoltage Beam Pod Red Pineapple (2 pieces per pack)**: The Revoltage Beam Pods are the perfect complement to the Revoltage Beam Dual Pod e-cigarette. Each pod is filled with 2 milliliters of hybrid nicotine salt liquid and offers you a choice of 9 exciting flavors.

- **Diverse worlds of taste**: Discover fruity notes like White Melon, refreshing combinations like Green Orange and classic tobacco flavors like Tobacco Gold. No matter what flavor you prefer, you will find it here!

- **Flexible nicotine strengths**: Choose between nicotine concentrations of 10 or 20 mg/ml or opt for the nicotine-free version to customize your vaping experience.

- **Easy to use**: The Beam Pods can be easily connected to the Beam battery and offer you up to 600 puffs. As soon as the liquid is used up, the pods can simply be disposed of.

- **Compatibility and Expansion**: The Beam Pods are specifically designed for the Revoltage Beam Dual Pod System. Optional refillable cartridges are also available to personalize your vaping experience.

Experience a new dimension of vaping with the Revoltage Beam Pods and enjoy intense taste experiences combined with practical handling and high-quality technology. 🍍 Order now and discover your favorite flavor!

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